Antiseptic is a chemical compound that is used to clean wounds, injuries, and other bleeding condition due to a traumatic condition such as car accident or other scratches that cause bleeding. An antiseptic can also be used to prevent infection when someone gets a wound or other inflammations.

The Function of Antiseptic

Antiseptic is really useful in blocking germ growth that lives in the skin tissues. Antiseptic is always used in many medical conditions either cleaning up a wound or when someone will get a surgery. The antiseptic is given before the surgery to prevent some bacteria from growing and infect the skin tissue. Instead of blocking germs and bacteria, this antiseptic can also kill bacteria but it all depends on the condition of the wound and the concentration.

Some Types of Antiseptic

There are several kinds of antiseptic that you can buy in drug stores. Here are some of the antiseptic types that are commonly used.


Alcohol is a strong antiseptic that will kill germs quickly. Some of the paramedics usually use alcohol before performing a medical treatment such as injecting and infusing. However, it is rarely used for burns due to causing pain.


This is an antiseptic that does not irritate tissue and it is commonly used in the wound cleaning like boils, ulcers, cuts, and much more. The weakness of rivanol is that it can only be used to kill certain germs.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This antiseptic is very useful to heal ulcers because it can kill some types of germs that are found in ulcers. The weakness is that it can make the healing process become longer and it may cause a scratch mark. Therefore, you must use it accordingly.

Povidone Iodine

This antiseptic is the most suitable antiseptic that can be applied on any skins because it will not block the healing process. Besides, Povidone Iodine is also useful to kill many types of germs and becomes the most favorite antiseptic for some kinds of wounds.
Those are several kinds of antiseptic that you can use to treat wounds. But, you also need to remember that antiseptic is for external use only. You are not allowed to drink it because it may be poisonous.

What if you do not use an antiseptic when getting a wound? Well, antiseptic is actually an option. However, most of the doctors recommend the use of antiseptic whenever you get a wound because it will heal the wound faster. If you do not use it, your wound may be recovered but it takes a long time and sometimes it can also cause an infection. The germs and bacteria on your wound will not die if you do not clean it well and by using an antiseptic the germs will be killed effectively. So, you must consider the use of antiseptic for a safety purpose and prevent the wound from infection. This antiseptic product can be bought in drug stores at an affordable price. Why do you take a risk when you actually can use a cheap antiseptic to make your wound get recovered fast?

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