Natural Home Deodorizer to Get Rid of Odor

Getting rid of odor and toxin in the house seems to be a never-ending effort. The most common way that we often do is spraying toxic chemical to get rid of the odor. But, that way actually makes the condition worse as the chemical substance will spread all over the house. Fortunately,
nature provides lots of items to make your house smell good all day long. Listed below is natural deodorizer to replace toxic cleaners.

Eucalyptus – eucalyptus oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents which are great for deodorizer. It helps freshen up damp places which often keep closed such as closets. The eucalyptus fragrance helps better breathing experience. For a musty closet, you can use few branches in the musty room or closet to refresh it. Replace the branches with the new one when the scent is no longer present.

Lemons – lemons and other citrus fruits are not only great for removing fishy smells when cooking but also great for neutralizing odors. The lemony smell leaves a refreshing and pleasant odor. You can use lemons to deodorize dishwasher. Squeeze some lemons and get about 1 cup of the juices and add it to the bottom part of the dishwasher. Then run it, as usual, to rinse lemon juice and deodorize it. Sometimes kitchen can smell like fish or rotten foods; you can use lemon as well to freshen it up. You just need to add water to a pot and add in lemon or citrus fruits peels, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. Bring the mixture to simmer.

Coffee grounds – who knows that coffee grounds works best not only for morning caffeine kick but also for odor removal. Sometimes after freezer failure, the fridge smells like spoiled food. To remove the odor, place some bowls with the coffee ground on it and put the bowls on the freezer for a night. You can also add in some vanilla extract to the coffee grounds for the flavored coffee smell.

Salt – salt is great for washing fruits and vegetables as it can remove possible pesticides on them. It is also very useful to remove garbage disposal smell in the kitchen. Pour ½ cup of salt, and then bring cold water run. The salt will neutralize odors as well as dislodge stuck waste.

Vanilla extract – Vanilla extract does not only bring out cake flavor; it is also very beneficial for a deodorizer. If you have trouble with the fridge odor, you can wipe some vanilla extract inside it. You can use a piece of sponge or cotton ball to dip in the vanilla extract and place in the fridge. Vanilla extract is also useful for removing fish odor in the microwave. Put in some vanilla extract in a bowl and put in the microwave. Put it on high for a minute.


Spices – there is nothing better than smell great spices. You can use spices in replace for chemical air fresheners. Put some cinnamon sticks or cloves into a pot with water. Keep it simmers for half an hour and your house will naturally smell good.

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