Stays Clean and Sanitary with Disinfectant

There is nothing better than living in a house which is clean and sanitary. Can you imagine what will happen if we never keep its hygiene? Our home will be a great place to live for any harmful microorganisms like germ, bacteria, and virus. These creatures will be capable of making us and our beloved family become ill. Hence, we must keep cleaning it every single day. It is better if you can use disinfectant for cleaning activities. Why? Stay with us, and we will tell you the reason.

Disinfectant Definition

Most of you must have known what disinfectant is. It is a chemical substance which we utilize to get rid of bad microorganisms. By using this chemicals, we can prevent virus, germ, or bacteria spreading out to our house. So, our house will become healthy, and so will our family members. We are no longer need to worry about them falling sick due to insanitary environment.

Types of Disinfectant

There are several types of disinfectant that we can apply whenever we want to clean our house. The first type is chlorine. Some of you might have been familiar with this. A lot of people use this chemical as an oxidizer as well as disinfectant in clean water management. Usually, we put this into a swimming pool so it can be free from bacteria unlike degreaser ingredient. But, you may also use it too in your bathtub, sink, or even toilet. Chlorine itself has various kinds such as organic chlorine, inorganic chloramine, and chlorine dioxide.

The second one is ozone. Similar like the first type, the main function of ozone is to kill all microorganisms in water. When we put it into water, it will immediately dissolve. The last type is iodine and bromine. We actually make a use both of them as an antiseptic. Yet, you still can use them as a disinfectant since they contain substances which are deadly to bacteria or germ.

Right Spots to Use Disinfectant

Now that we already learn what disinfectant is, do you know where we must use it? In this case, there are two primary spots which requires this chemical. Those are kitchen and bathroom, perfect places for those micro creatures to nest. Whenever you just finish cooking, make sure to wipe out your kitchen table with this substance. About your bathroom, make sure to clean all over it, including lavatory and toilet. Furthermore, other spots which often have a contact with hands like door and wardrobe handles need the application as well.

How to Use Disinfectant

We can apply disinfectant in various ways depending on where we do the cleaning. If you want to wash the bathtub, fill it with water until it is full and then mix it with disinfectant. Leave it be for about 30 to 60 minutes before you drain it. If you want to wipe furniture like tables or windows, you can mix it with water and put it into a spray bottle for convenient use. This goes the same with sweeping by mixing a bucket of water with the chemical.

In summary, if you want to cleanse your house, do it properly. Simply doing it without disinfectant does not make your home free from the microorganisms. Therefore, you must include it every time you are doing this activity.

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